ONM: My Favourite Game – “Sonic Colours blew me away”


Back in 2011, when the Official Nintendo Magazine was still alive and well (rest in peace, old friend!), I contributed a short article to their online “My Favourite Game” feature which invited readers to write about a game which had left a highly positive impression on them. The best entries got published on their website, and lo and behold, on 31st July my submission appeared for all to see! At the time, it was the 20th anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog, so my mind instantly raced to that series for the topic of discussion – and particularly, one of the most surprisingly fun games in recent memory, Sonic Colours.

Since ONM’s demise, their website – and subsequently my article – has been lost to the depths of cyberspace, but luckily I copied and pasted the contents into a word document. So, for the sake of  sharing my complete backlog and making it live once again, read on…


My Favourite Game: Richard Swain rates Sonic’s Wii platformer
Posted by Thomas East | 31-Jul-2011

For this week’s reader review, ONM forum member Richard Swain explains why Sonic Colours is his favourite game of recent times.

Let me be clear – Sonic Colours isn’t necessarily my favourite game of all time. What it is, however, is a refreshing and engaging title that has blown me away more than any other game in recent memory. It’s a thrill-ride of supersonic action that rockets Sonic back to the top with a much needed bang.

It’s the game that did everything right. Colours was unexpectedly announced amidst all the hype for Sonic 4, but despite having a lower profile than its downloadable counterpart it is arguably leaps and bounds ahead of it.

It offers the best of the daytime gameplay from Sonic Unleashed with added 2D classic Sonic-style platforming. The stages are imaginative and visually astounding stages while the level design is top notch. Then there’s the gimmick that actually enhances the gameplay rather than hinders it.

I’m talking about the Wisps, the multi-coloured aliens which Sonic has to save from Eggman’s interstellar amusement park. Each one grants the blue blur a new power – they can turn him into a laser, help him hover through the air or even turn him into a drill. These power-ups are small bursts of fun that add to the sense of exploration in levels and the game’s replayability – going back to old stages with new Wisps to find alternative routes is an absolute joy. And there’s an incentive to do so, too – you’ll want to find all of those elusive Red Rings scattered across the levels, believe me…

What’s more, the excellent gameplay is just the tip of proverbial iceberg. The graphics are spectacular to the point where you often forget you’re playing a Wii game.

The music is also amazing while the new voice actors are undoubtedly the best the series has had so far. Sonic Colours is a remarkably polished experience in nearly every aspect and my only gripe is that the story comes to a close too quickly, but that hasn’t stopped me from playing it again and again and again.

In short, forget Sonic 4. Sonic Colours is the game from 2010 to remember the blue hedgehog by. This is everything you could want from a 3D Sonic game and then some.

(Originally posted at: http://www.officialnintendomagazine.co.uk/29100/sonic-colours-blew-me-away/)


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