Introducing… Penned!


Last year, I wrote a short festive story called The Christmas Present, which (if you’ll pardon the pun) went down a treat. So, for the holiday season this year, I planned to write something new – something bigger, something bolder… and something ever so slightly more ambitious than I expected. Over the last few months I’ve been hard at work on a New Year themed short story called “Times Long Past”, but in all honesty I don’t foresee it being finished in time for the intended release of 31st December. I’ll get round to it eventually – maybe we’ll just have to wait until next year comes around instead. However, that doesn’t mean Christmas has to go unnoticed…

Introducing “Penned” – an all-new series of short stories continuing the tale of The Rub-a-Duck Saga. Picking up where A Quack in Time left off, it will push the adventure forward in its own small ways. The first entry – naturally, a Christmas special! – will be arriving tomorrow at 12:22. Be there, and be square…

Come on, you didn’t think we’d leave it there, did you?!

The Rub-a-Duck Saga seemingly concluded this summer with an exciting fourth chapter, A Quack in Time – but every end is a new beginning. The story closed with Penn wandering the Earth alone in 2076, determined to find the duck and return to his own time… and frankly, that’s too good a premise not to follow up on. While there’s no guarantee we’ll ever get around to making another Rub-a-Duck film, that doesn’t mean the story has to end there. Not if you don’t want it to, anyway.

Introducing “Penned”, a brand new series of short stories telling the tale of Penn’s extraordinary journey. They’re not essential pieces of the Rub-a-Duck puzzle, but instead will serve as snapshots that ‘drop in’ on Penn’s adventures, supplementing the narrative and pushing events further forward. We’re building to something… whether or not we make it there, well, that remains to be seen!

What better place to start though than with a Christmas special – something we’ve been wanting to do with Rub-a-Duck for a long time, but never found an idea that truly worked… until now!

Come back tomorrow at 12:22 with your reading goggles at the ready – there’s a very festive treat on its way…!


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