About Me

Hello, and welcome to my wondrous world of writing and whimsy!

Introductions are always difficult, so where best to begin? Well, the name’s Richard, and I’m a man of many interests. I enjoy watching sci-fi TV and films – my personal favourites are Doctor Who and Back to the Future. Since my childhood, I’ve also grown up as an avid Nintendo gamer (although I have a deep nostalgic investment in Sonic the Hedgehog as well!). I’m a music lover too, particularly of rock, and have been playing the guitar since my school days.

I’m also a Master of the English Language. No, seriously, it’s true! In 2016, I achieved an MA in English Language and Applied Linguistics from the University of Birmingham, passed with Distinction. I also previously graduated with a First Class BA (Hons.) degree in Linguistics from the University of Essex in 2013.

In between university courses I spent a couple of years training and working as an ESOL teacher in London, but creativity has always been one of my greatest passions. I’ve worked as a writer and producer for SX:TV (Essex’s student TV station), the Deputy Features Editor for The Rabbit (Essex’s student newspaper), and more recently I’ve been working on producing my own series of fantastical short stories, which I plan to share with you all here.

I hope you enjoy what you find on my blog, and any follows or likes would be most welcome! Now please, make yourself at home and stay a while. It’s time to take you on a journey deep into the depths of the imagination…