Hands-On: Nintendo Switch


This weekend I had the opportunity to go hands on with Nintendo’s latest innovation – the console-meets-handheld hybrid known as the Switch!

At the 2 hour preview session at Boxxed in Birmingham, I was able to try out the machine in all of its different forms, as well as get to grips with a selection of launch window titles. The question is: from my brief play session with the Switch, do I think it will succeed where the Wii U faltered?

Read on, and find out!


Review: Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE – Fortissimo Edition (Wii U)


Recently I wrote an article about my Top 5 Wii U games, which I posted on my blog a couple of weeks ago. While I still very much stand by my choices, in hindsight I think there’s one other game that’s at least deserving of an honourable mention. If only I’d actually played it by then! This isn’t a new game, but it is new to me… and I really wish I’d discovered this gem sooner.


Blogtor Who Digest – January 2017

Doctor Who Digest is regenerating for 2017!

A complete collection of my articles for Blogtor Who from January 2017


Happy Birthday to Who? – 8th January: William Hartnell

Happy Birthday to Who? – 20th January: Tom Baker

Happy Birthday to Who? – 22nd January: John Hurt

Victoria Original Soundtrack Now on Spotify & iTunes


Peter Capaldi: A Tribute to Twelve

Top Ten: New Doctor Who Series (2005-2015)


Doctor Who Series 10 is just a few months away now – but how do I think the revived version of the show has fared so far?

Let’s find out, as I rank the first nine (and a bit) seasons of new Doctor Who to date…


Top 5 Wii U Games


We’ve all known it for a long time, but now it’s official: the Wii U is dead. As the eagerly-anticipated follow-up to Nintendo’s phenomenally successful Wii, it’s clear that the Wii U was an unmitigated failure. Whether that’s down to poor marketing, poor communication, poor third party support, or poor specs (or, indeed, a combination of the lot) – that’s beside the point. All that needs to be realised is that it was a flop, and Nintendo learned the hard way that they cannot cruise forward solely on the wave of previous achievements.

However, that’s not to say the Wii U was a bad console. Flawed and unloved, certainly. But bad? For all its faults, it had a pretty solid library of games. Arguably one of the strongest software line-ups for any console, in fact – certainly for first party Nintendo stuff. Basically, the Wii U wasn’t all terrible. There’s no doubt in my mind that it will – or at least ought to be – totally eclipsed by the imminent launch of the Switch, but before the death knell for the Wii U tolls its last, let’s have a quick look back on the top five games that made me feel my purchase was justified…


Coming Soon: Penned #2 – Ruins of a Mastermind


“Everyone has a few skeletons in their closet… and now it’s time to unearth yours”

Penn’s search for answers takes him deep into a subterranean stronghold, buried firmly beneath a hundred years of history. Little does he realise, however, the full extent that the past will come back to haunt him as he traverses through the dark and endless underground labyrinth.

Legend tells of a hidden crypt located in the centre of the maze – but just what does he hope to find inside? Powerful forces dating back to the dawn of time are about to be unearthed, and Penn’s understanding of the world around him may never be the same again…

Expect thrills, chills, and surprising reveals… and maybe even a familiar face or two…

Penned will return later this year in “Ruins of a Mastermind”. Stay tuned for more details soon!

Doctor Who Digest – December 2016

A complete collection of my articles for Blogtor Who, Peter Capaldi News, and David Tennant News from December 2016


Happy Birthday to Who? – 16th December: Nicholas Courtney

Happy Birthday to Who? – 29th December: Bernard Cribbins and Julian Bleach


Preview: Class – Episode 8 – The Lost

Class – Episode 8 – The Lost

Preview: Doctor Who – The Return of Doctor Mysterio

Doctor Who – The Return of Doctor Mysterio


Top 5 Doctor Who Christmas Specials

Who’s Who in The Return of Doctor Mysterio?

Best of Entertainment 2016


Has it really been a year already?! As we approach the end of 2016, it’s time to look back on the last 366 days. I feel like I say this every December, but it’s hardly been the most vintage of years – in more ways than one this time, considering the amount of controversy and tragedy that’s happened over the last 12 months. Nevertheless, through all the darkness and fear, the world of entertainment has kept on spinning, churning out the odd gem to keep us smiling onward towards (hopefully) better things in 2017.

So, please join me on a trip down memory lane as I pick out my favourite media releases from the year gone by. It’s not all been bad, after all…!