Short Stories


One of my greatest passions is writing, and I very much enjoy thinking up exciting and imaginative stories. One of my dreams is to some day write a fully-fledged novel and have a book to call my own.

To showcase some of my work, here is a collection of short stories that I’ve written to be shared on this blog. Each one pertains to a different subject matter and genre, but they’re hopefully all equally as enjoyable!

The “Seven Wonders of the Word” Collection

I. The Christmas Present (December 2015)

II. Who’s There? (January 2016)

III. February 29th (February 2016)

IV. The Wizard on the Peak (October 2016)

V. To the Ends of the Earth (May 2017)

VI. Hush (June 2017)

VII. The Time-Ravaged Town (August 2017)

“Penned”: Adventures Between Time and Space

A six-part series chronicling Penn’s extraordinary journey after the events of “A Quack in Time”

I. The Nutquacker (December 2016)

II. Ruins of a Mastermind (March 2017)

III. Quackdrophenia (September 2017)

IV. Eternoël (Christmas 2017)

V. Rich in Heart (TBA 2018)

VI. Rich in Spirit (TBA 2018)