The Rabbit: 3D or Not 3D? That is the Question


This article was originally published in the 2011-2012 academic year.

It’s mind blowing! It’s eye popping! It’s spectacular! It’s every positive, hyperbolic adjective you could possibly think of, and it’s being shoved right in your face – both literally and figuratively! I speak of course of that gloriously overused marvel of  technology known as 3D, which has single-handedly been both one of the most successful and one of the most pointless features introduced into the world of media in recent times. With Christmas just around the corner, is it worth embracing all of the new 3D-based products that are hitting the market and putting them on your list?

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Best of Entertainment 2015


The end is nigh for 2015 – it’s been 365 days of thrills, spills, and just about everything in between. It’s the year we finally went Back to the Future, and in true time-travelling style we could delve into the biggest new stories gone by or make predictions for the year ahead… but let’s be honest, all we really want is to be entertained! 2015 has hardly been what I’d consider a vintage year for the entertainment world, somewhat lacking in substance compared to its predecessors in recent memory – however, that’s not to discredit some of the quality output we have received over the last 12 months, because when entertainment in 2015 was good, it was really good. Rather, it’s been a steady drip-feed of smaller, less groundbreaking media that’s mildly satisfying but left you craving just that little more, with the real big hitters fewer and further apart.

Just what was the cream of the crop though? Which stellar examples of entertainment really set my heart alight and left me with a ridiculously stupid grin right across my face? Well, you’re about to find out, as we crown the winners that will stand the test of time and make 2015 an exciting year to look back on…

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