Top Ten: New Doctor Who Series (2005-2015)


Doctor Who Series 10 is just a few months away now – but how do I think the revived version of the show has fared so far?

Let’s find out, as I rank the first nine (and a bit) seasons of new Doctor Who to date…

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Top Five: Doctor Who Actors


Over the course of the last 53 years, thirteen different actors have played the role of The Doctor – or, if you decide to factor in some of the non-canon stars as well (like Peter Cushing, Rowan Atkinson, and Richard E. Grant), you’re left with an even more extensive list of names. However, not every Doctor is created quite as equally, with some naturally hitting home more successfully than others, but that’s the beauty of this show and this character – because each incarnation is a different facet of The Doctor’s personality, there will always be someone who loves them the most, as well as someone who loathes them. But who are my favourites?

Why, I do believe it’s time to find out…

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Top Ten: New Doctor Who Episodes (2005-2015)


It’s no secret that Doctor Who is my favourite television programme in recent memory, and while I have taken the time to delve back and sample a fair few stories from the ‘classic’ era, I’d be lying if I didn’t say my heart truly belonged to the newer, more modern take on the series that has been airing on our screens since 2005. Now, a whole decade on from Russell T Davies’ triumphant revival, the show continues to go from strength to strength. Not only is it the most globally successful that it has ever been, but we’ve also just come out of Series 9, a string of episodes which I consider to be one of the best that the last ten years has had to offer.

Doctor Who is one of those rare programmes that offers limitless possibilities, and I can wholeheartedly credit it for inspiring me to be a writer and embrace science-fiction and fantasy like never before. My most prominent early memory of the new series was sitting down to watch The Parting of the Ways – all those Daleks, all that action, and then boom… a whole new Doctor, just like that! I’ve been hooked ever since, and despite the odd few duds and ventures into mediocrity, the show has never let me down and a stand out classic of an episode always feels like it could be right around the corner.

So, in celebration of 10 years of new Doctor Who, let’s raise a glass and take a look at my top ten favourite episodes from Series 1 to 9…

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