Read it Now! 3,653 Nights: 10 Years of Sonic and the Secret Rings


Once upon a time, on the nineteenth night of February 2017, I had fallen fast asleep on my sofa. An issue of Sonic the Comic lay strewn out upon my face, its pages fluttering up and down in the makeshift breeze as my body gently breathed in and out. A fireplace roared away in the corner of the room as the quiet ticking of the grandfather clock permeated the silence. Eventually, the two hands pointed upwards and the simple staccato beats transformed into a melodic chime. A strange magic seemed to fill the air…

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Summer of Sonic: The Highlights


This past weekend I attended the Summer of Sonic 2016 convention at the ILEC Conference Centre in London, a day of celebrating all things Sonic the Hedgehog – organised by the fans, for the fans. This was actually my sixth time attending the convention over the years (out of a possible seven!), and though I missed out on the very first event in 2008, I’ve seen it grow from small and humble beginnings to becoming one of the community’s most prolific achievements. With Summer of Sonic’s “one more run” now over and fond memories left in the minds of many, I’d like to take a look back – not just to this year, but to all the years – to remember the good times that have always made it such an enjoyable fixture in the Sonic calendar.

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Archive: The Sonic Stadium Reviews


This year marks Sonic the Hedgehog’s 25th anniversary, and come April it’ll also be 4 years since I first started contributing to The Sonic Stadium as a staff writer under the alias of “Doctor MK”. While I’ve written a variety of articles for the site during my time there to date, including news articles and features, I thought now would be a good opportunity to look back on one of my favourite parts of the job – the eagerly anticipated TSS reviews. I’ve been lucky enough to write a fair few so far, and they’re always good fun to sink your teeth into, even when the game itself isn’t quite up to par. Which, given Sonic’s track record lately, is more often than might be hoped!

So then, what are we waiting for? Here are all my TSS reviews so far, in order of publication from most to least recent. Some of the presentation isn’t quite what it used to be following server issues on the site, but my original writing remains intact – enjoy!

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