Seven Wonders of the Word (2017)

“What is magic but a sleight of hand, or a trick of the light…?”

A sorcerer on the run. A knock at the door. A knot in time. A love against the odds. An earth-shattering silence. A magical Christmas gift. And a glimpse into the future…

Richard Swain proudly presents this scintillating septet of short stories, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary using the power of the written word.

High in concept and high in drama, this collection brings the wonders of the imagination to life in a spectacular showcase of fresh talent and storytelling.

As themes like wizardry, love, and even language go under the literary lens, you may never see the world in quite the same way again…

Contains the following short stories: “The Wizard on the Peak”, “Who’s There?”, “February 29th”, “To the Ends of the Earth”, “Hush”, “The Christmas Present”, “The Time-Ravaged Town”

Seven Wonders of the Word is available to buy in paperback from Amazon.


Penned: A Rub-a-Duck Story (2018)

“Who wants to live forever…?”

Trapped a hundred years in the future with no friends, no direction, and no magical rubber duck to help him escape, Penn must scour the Earth in the hope of finding his way back home. Blighted by a curse of immortality and stalked by an eternal shadow, the path ahead promises to be a long and winding road…

Penned is a six-part series of short stories set in Richard Swain’s Rub-a-Duck universe, chronicling the events that follow the conclusion to A Quack in Time. Featuring Christmas specials, excavations into literal and psychological depths, and an epic two-part finale, Penned dares to go where no duck has gone before.

Read all six chapters of Penned: A Rub-a-Duck Story now!

  1. The Nutquacker
  2. Ruins of a Mastermind
  3. Quackdrophenia
  4. Eternoël
  5. Rich in Heart
  6. Rich in Spirit